Day& Co. is the studio-nym of Dayan D’Aniello, a Philly-based designer obsessed with expressive type — dedicated to the details and creating simple & honest brand identities. Currently Art Director at Smith & Diction ︎︎︎

︎ Brand Identity / Web Design

Workers United®

Giving a fresh & powerful visual identity, rallying cry, and website to a labor union that dates back to 1900 and the beginnings of the labor movement. Workers United — NO MATTER WHAT.

︎ Packaging / Brand Identity


Beer. Baseball. Battlestar Gallactica. Groovy packaging, campaign & more for an out-of-the-park collab between Texas’ largest brewery and the Houston Astros.

︎ Brand Identity

RIO Supply

Water, and designs, gush forth when a trusting water meter supplier meets a long-time admirer (me) of Pit Lids (an industry term for “sewer grate”) #gratesaregreat

︎ Brand Identity / Collateral


An Art-Deco-inspired cocktail bar perched above a bustling food hall in the heart of Downtown Houston. 

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© Day& Co.  2022

© Day& Co.  2022