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Day& is a design studio of 1 that treats every client with respect and kindness, every project with the curiosity and thought it deserves, and every letter with care. I am a firm believer that the details make the design; if it’s not worth zooming into 64000% and getting it just right it’s probably not worth doing.

If you want a custom logotype or simple, iconic logo I’m probably your guy! I especially like working on logo redesigns and working with brands with history & heart.

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Dayan D’Aniello

I’m a brand designer ︎ and human person ︎ from Austin︎living in a 100-year-old Philadelphia home ︎ with my partner Farhana ︎and our cat Momo & Biryani ︎.  For me design isn’t a job, it’s a central tenant of who I am and how I naviguess the world. I have a near-photographic rememberance for fonts and my typographic curiosity is the biggest driving force in my work. I am also a:   

y’all sayer / collector of things / hugger / tennis (and table tennis) player / wannabe semi-pro pizzaiolo / rock climber / list lover / sewer grate photographer #gratesaregreat



Smith & Diction︎

Art Director     Present

Day& Co.︎

Owner, Freelance Designer     Present

P’unk Ave︎

Senior Designer     2020–2022

Guerilla Suit︎

Designer    2016–2020

Bright Bright Great (BBG)︎

Design Apprentice    2015


Syncro Mono︎

Out of the Dark    Fabio Furlani & Philipp Herrmann / 2020

Mabry Mono︎

Colophon Foundry    Benjamin Critton & Colophon / 2020


Colophon Foundry    The Entente / 2011

Degular ︎

OH no Type Co.    James Edmondson / 2020


© Day& Co.  2024

© Day& Co.  2024