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Day& is a design studio that treats every client with respect and kindness, every project with the curiosity and meaning it deserves, and every letter with care. At the end of the day, it’s not about the art — it’s about the person who sees it.

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Dayan D’Aniello

I’m a brand designer ︎ and human person ︎ from Austin︎living in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia ︎ with my corporeal partner ︎and our cat Momo ︎.  For me design isn’t a job, it’s a central tenant of who I am and how I naviguess the world. I have a near-photographic rememberance for fonts and my typographic curiosity is the biggest driving force in my work. I am also a:   

y’all sayer / collector of things / hugger / tennis (and table tennis) player / wannabe semi-pro pizzaiolo / rock climber / list lover / sewer grate photographer #gratesaregreat



Day& Co.︎

Owner, Freelance Designer     Present

P’unk Ave︎

Senior Designer     2020–Present

Guerilla Suit︎

Designer    2016–2020

Bright Bright Great (BBG)︎

Design Apprentice    2015


Syncro Mono︎

Out of the Dark    Fabio Furlani & Philipp Herrmann / 2020

Mabry Mono︎

Colophon Foundry    Benjamin Critton & Colophon / 2020


Colophon Foundry    The Entente / 2011

Degular ︎

OH no Type Co.    James Edmondson / 2020


© Day& Co.  2022

© Day& Co.  2022