Crawford Bock


A Home Run Every Time.

Crawford Bock is a Houston-Astros-themed beer, made for Karbach Brewing Co. in close collaboration with the sportsball team itself. If you live outside of Texas, Karbach Brewing Co. is Texas' largest craft brewery. And if you’re unfamiliar with baseball, The ‘Stros are Houston's major league baseball team with a cult following like no other.
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Brand Identity
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Studio   Guerilla Suit
Photography   Roger Ho (Lake), Guerilla Suit/Stephanie White (Turf)

Typefaces  Neue Kabe / Base Runner JNL / Casey

The Name

“Crawford Bock” is a pun on the Astros’ home stadium box seating, the “Crawford Boxes” in Minute Maid Park. 
Fun Fact: The Crawford Boxes enroach slightly onto the field, sometimes giving the Astros a home field advantage of a shorter LF homer.

Reference Material

The Astros have a rich history in baseball. I won’t go down the rabbit hole but I chose to focus on an unlikely decision they made in 1975. Times were tough and the team was struggling so they hired up a massive ad agency, McCann Erickson to come up with some new uniforms. It just so happened that those uniforms, dubbed the “Tequila Sunrise” jersey, became the most loved, or the most hated, in major league history, depending on who you asked.
Early on I wanted to draw from the instant recognition of the Tequila Sunrise uniform (1975-1986) and the beautiful color progression seen in the Rainbow Shoulders uniform (1980-1993). Thus, I had the ‘Stros Stripes prominently take up the lower half of the can. Up above, “Astros” was set in none other than Kabel (1927). Though for “Crawford Bock”, I used a slightly-less-wonky version called Neue Kabel (2013). The rest, as they say, is history.

Key Visual

It was important for Crawford Bock to feel like a bonified member of the team, so I gave it its very own trading card, modeled after the teams’ 1972 version. But instead of stats like RBI’s or batting AVG’s, I profiled a 12oz can and included its official Brewing Record.
Favorite Line: “Handedness: Up To You”

Fan-made Merch 😂
11’ Can in Minute Maid Park 

Out of Home

As a result of the overwhelming success of this beer—selling out a 3 month supply in 2 weeks before the opening of the season in 2019 and continuing to out perform the brewery’s top-selling beers—Karbach asked us to create a state-wide campaign encompassing billboards, radio, and a TV Spot. More on this soon.  

Crawford Family

What started as one beer quickly grew into an entire family. Available in 12oz, 16oz, and 19.2oz cans, and 12oz bottles. With 6pks, 12pks, 18pks, and 24pks—you can get Crawford Bock in just about every shape and size.


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