Swallow’s Nest


Always in High Spirits.

Situated in the historic Gulf Building in Houston, Swallow's Nest is a mezzanine bar overlooking Finn Hall, the city’s newest food hall. Housed within one of the most significant examples of Art Deco architecture in the southwestern United States (built 1929), the brand draws inspiration from the space as well as the abstract geometric forms found throughout early American art tiles and stencil art.

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Studio   Guerilla Suit
Photography   Stephanie White (GS)

Typefaces   Florentine / Inbox

Cocktail Menu

For the focal point of every table, I sourced an electric blue bifold menu to stand out among the rich architectural details of the mezzanine. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to add in a maxed-out foil stamp to help justify the price of a $12.00 cocktail.

“Put a Bird On It!”

If you don’t get this reference, you can just keep scrolling. But if you are “hip to it” as the kids say, you can rest assured we referenced this Porlandia skit countless times throughout this project.


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