Sound on Sound 


The medievalest music fest.

Sound on Sound was the spin off of the Austin fan-favorite event, Fun Fun Fun Fest. It’s what you get when you mix renaissance fairgrounds—replete with castles, jousting, knights and maidens—with expertly curated music bookings, camping and food. It all went down in 2016, when I was just a wee young lad starting out at Guerilla Suit. 

In its maiden year, I got to help bring this festival (and beautiful brand) to life. For months I worked on every print and digital deliverable imaginable for this 3-day music event. Things like posters & billboards, maps, schedules & wayfinding stations, stage scrims, a fun array of merch like pins, patches, koozies, hats & much more. Brand Identity and Creative Direction by the incomporable Luigi Maldonado & the amazing Erick Montes.

Services →

Brand Implementation
Stage Design
Print Design
Studio  Guerilla Suit
Brand  Luigi Maldonado / Erick Montes

Typefaces   Wigrum

Brand & Custom Patterns

Created in what I remember to be a frenzied week, this brand was quickly & impressively developed by GS Creative Director Luigi Maldonado and long-time collaborator Erick Montes. 
The patterning is based on tonal vibrations made on a Chladni plate. The higher the frequency, the more complicated the patterning.


A bit of merch made for the festival—pins, beanie and bandana. 

Stage Scrims

This was a no-brainer, utilizing the colorful sonic  patterns for the backgrounds were sure to stand out from the forested surroundings. For the larger and more vertical side scrims, I treated them as heraldic insignia of ye olde times.   


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