Future Forecast


A trend report that doesn’t suck to look at (or read!).

The Future Forecast was created as Guerilla Suit’s way of “trying to understand WTF is going on out there" and tell anyone who’s listening. To get this piece out quickly, I created a grid system, type styles, and a limited color palette.

The content is future-thinking so the design aesthetic needed to match that. This piece aims to ride the waves of some of the current design trends but not enough to be swept up in them. I utilized bold colors, fun shapes, and more modern, experimental typefaces. Scroll through the slideshow below or see the full Future Forecast here.

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Studio  Guerilla Suit
Writing  Jordan Foland (GS)

Grandmaster / BW Gradual / Maison Neue

Abstract Geometric Patterns

To make the section titles more fun and distinct I created these simple patterns, which utilize the bold shapes and colors found throughout the report. We used the same concept when announcing the release of the Future Forecast, shown in the animated GIFs below, made by my friend Connor Claver.
These images may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.


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© Day& Co.  2022